One of the core product suites of RYVYL (EU) is the processing of credit and debit card payments on behalf of merchants. RYVYL (EU) is a Principal Member of Visa, a Worldwide member of MasterCard and also holds membership in China Union Pay. We process all types of debit and credit card transactions within the networks of these card brands.

We accept European-based merchants that cater to global consumers.



General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Acquiring Services Pricing Models for Acquiring Services Tariff for Fees and Commissions for Providing Acquiring Services at RYVYL (EU) Visa Europe EEA Interchange Fees MasterCard EEA Interchange Fees Visa and MasterCard Scheme Fees

Online payments

We provide consolidated payment services. Unlike traditional Banks, our consolidated payment service allows companies to both accept card payments and make transfers. It also enables companies to manage its funds using a single, simple and comprehensive Online Payment System. Experience, dedication and the care to our clients are the keys to our success and providing the best service possible.


RYVYL(EU) is a participant in SEPA Credit Transfer which allows the sending and receiving SEPA credit transfers directly to and from merchants’ personal IBANs within RYVYL(EU).

RYVYL (EU)`s payment accounts are used as an alternative to traditional bank accounts for:

  • Receiving transfers from acquiring organizations;
  • Sending outgoing transfers to other banks and third parties by using our online payment system;
  • Sending mass wires;
  • Exchanging funds between own accounts in different currencies;
  • Receiving and sending funds from/to other merchants with payment accounts at RYVYL(EU).

In addition the clients:

Have full 24 hour access to the payment accounts in our online payment system;
Can order VISA EUR prepaid cards and load them directly from the payment accounts in the online payment system.

General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Payment Services Tariff for Fees and Commissions for Providing Payment Services to Business Clients Tariff for Fees and Commissions for Providing Payment Services to Individuals


Our prepaid cards provides you the flexibility to manage your funds in your way:

B2B business model White label solution Easy technical integration through API
General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Issuing Services Tariff for Fees and Commissions for Issuing Services


The prepaid cards can be used for POS purchases, ATM withdrawals or ecommerce payments User-friendly interface Worldwide acceptance

Risk Management

Minimize Risk, Maximize Revenue

We provide an industry-focused risk approach to help you manage fraud effectively while maximizing conversion.

Real-time Reporting & Analytics Dedicated Risk Analysts Customer Dispute Management

Fraud & Risk Management

Fraud is always evolving. Be prepared with full-spectrum fraud protection that responds to the ever-changing threat of fraud.

Integrated Fraud Screening Dynamic 3D Secure

Keep your Business Safe

PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant GDPR Compliant